speechbubblespottybannerlogocompact So with the decision that I needed to have a new website, so did the realisation that it was high time to have a re-brand, or maybe just a brand, as I’m not sure I even really had one before!

As I have had a bit of an obsession with mustard for several years now (you should see my wardrobe, some of you who are already Instagram followers are already well aware of my problem!) , it seemed like an obvious choice.

I went for something that is bright, bold and cheerful, which is hopefully a good reflection of my work. Now just to find more people that can say my name right! Sometimes I think it would have been much easier to keep my maiden name (Knight) for the sake of my freelancing! Anyway if you did wonder, my surname is Welsh, as is my wonderful husband, and it you want to know how to say it, it is pronounced I-non, so now you know 😉

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