Hello and welcome, it’s nice to see you all! I’m very excited to have a new website to share with you all, It feels all adult and grown-up, after several years of having a Mr Site website. Don’t get me wrong, it did it’s job, but it still felt a bit amateur, and there were things I couldn’t get the site to do. So now with the help (a LOT of help) from a friend, who I am very, very grateful too, welcome to the new and improved samanthaeynon.com
I hope this is the start of something new for me, after years of trying to discover my ‘style’ and what I wanted my work to be. I know as an artist you’re never truly happy with what you create, which is what makes you keep going, but I’m a lot closer than I was, and I’m looking forward to bringing you new artwork and hopefully some new products, so keep checking back!
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