Well 2015 was an exciting year, and I’d like to thank everyone of you who as supported me in any way. I launched my new website, started selling in my Etsy shop, my custom portraits really started to take off, I had my first patches made, was maid of honour at my best friend’s wedding, got my fifth tattoo, and had some lovely holidays to London, North Wales, Belgium, Holland and Germany. I also said good bye to my 20’s, eeeeek!

Hopefully my little business will continue to grow in 2016, with the support of all you guys! That would be the best! I’m hoping to have a range of new products for you guys to enjoy.

I know lots of people hate New Years resolutions, and to some extent so do I, but it’s great to have aims, and the start of the year is a good place to set them, so I’m going to share mine here.

Visit new places, read more books, create more, buy less and buy better, eat less meat, get outside more, also another new tattoo or two would be great!

How about you guys, what aims do you have for 2016?

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