As we all know, everything is a bit pants right now, and we’re all going to be spending a lot more time inside.

I was racking my brain for what I could do to help even a teeny, tiny bit, and I suddenly remembered the paper toys I designed years ago. I set myself a project back in 2012 to design and release a paper toy net a month for free, so below I’m going to provide you with the links to some of them. All you need is a printer, some thin card (paper will work if thats all you have), scissors and glue.

I think they’re great fun for anyone to have a go at, though younger children will need help, as some of them are a bit fiddly, and they’re also much easier to put together if you can score bits with a craft knife.

They are completely free to download, but if you’d like to donate any amount click below. Any money donated will go to Shelter at this time of crisis.

If you have a go at any of them I’d love to see the pictures. You can tag me on instagram @samanthaeynon

Now here are the links

Mr Schmidt

George The Cat


Banjo Bird


Fred and Ginger


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